Network In Action (

This is a highly exclusive website for business professionals interested in being part of a local Networking Group. What makes this network unlike any other is the web application I've built which allows site members to exchange leads and referrals privately with one-another. I've also integrated elements of Gamification so that members can earn badges and move up in ranks for sending referrals to their fellow members. I communicate with the site members twice a week on our email communications.

Site Features
Social Media Platform
Custom Appilcation
Status Updates
Player-Centric Experience Design & Engagement Model
Referral Sharing System
All Browsers and Platforms
Weekly News Newsletters
Group Creation
Rank Badges
Referral Tracking
Responsive Design for Smartphones and Tablets
Weekly Summary on Group Performance
Group Discussions
Badges On Specific User Actions
Points On Referral Submission
Public Validation of Positive User Actions
Event Creation
Points Awarded in Real Time
Real Time Email Notifications
Group Oriented Communication Focus
Post Pictures & Video and much more!
Competative and Cooperative Methods of Motivation
Custom Reporting & Views

OurBlok (

OurBlok has a lot of moving parts, all of which we are involved in. From laying out the infrastructure of their websites, managing the content therein, to paginating their magazines; We have had a hand in OurBlok’s operations. OurBlok has serviced their clients via daily-deals (like Groupon), multi-vendor ecommerce, company profiles, print publications, loyalty rewards cards and much more…

Working under the direction of my client, managing and maintaining OurBlok was a full time endeavor. When their sales professionals would close a deal, they would report it to a form that we created, and it would notify everyone on the corporate team. We would then carry out our individual tasks, which often-times overlapped.

We would create a company profile page for the clients, build their ad to be featured on OurBlok’s hyper-local quarterly magazines (which we assisted in paginating) and give them a spot on our weekly communications for their area.

The email blast I was tasked to manage targeted OurBlok Members based on a geographical region. Most OurBlok members were earned though our loyalty rewards system.

We also spearheaded the integration of their rewards platform. We created a data architecture that bridged a third party team of developers with a loyalty rewards card api. The cards were dynamic in such a way that a user could earn rewards and coupons for themselves.

Site Features
Profile Pages
Loyalty Rewards
Multi-Vendor Capabilities
Profile Pages Designed In Coordinance with Client's Branding
White Labeled Rewards Card for Clients
Hyper-Local Geographical Focus
Automated Tax Calculation
Clients Social Media Links
Customized Reports for Clients
Weekly Emails Featuring All Clients In A Given Geographical Region
PayPal Checkout
Clients Business Address And Phone Number
Customized Reports for Card Holders
Digital Version of Magazine
Secure Connection (SSL)
Detailed Description of Clients Business
Soft and Hard Card Activation Phases
Press Releases
Product Categories, Pictures, Price and Details
Pictures and Videos Of Clients Business
Created Data Architecture For Rewards Interface
Over 160 Data Segments

Pura Vida University

Pura Vida University is an intranet created for the Pura Vida Tequila Company. The site itself serves many purposes. First and foremost, it is a training resource for a Pura Vida’s sales representatives (A.K.A. Brand Amigos). Secondly, it is a cache for all documents, branding and marketing materials at the representative’s disposal. Lastly, It is a hub for placing internal orders and communicating company-wide standards.

PuraVida.Training is built on Joomla! CMS and Moodle (LMS). The interfaces are bridged with the Joomdle Plugin. Using this infrastructure, Pura Vida’s team can log in, enroll in Puravida Courses, and earn their merits and knowledge to be successful with Pura Vida.

Site Features
E-Learning (LMS)
Enrol Users In Courses for Employee Training
Intuitive Workflow
All Browsers and Platforms
Automated Grading for Standardized Criterion
Log-in Gateway Interface
Responsive Design for Smartphones and Tablets
Certificates of Completion
Supports Internal companywide communications
Customized Cirriculum Design
Cache for documents, branding and marketing materials
Fully Customizable Course Design
Direct Integration with Mailchimp Email Marketing Platform